Saturday, November 3, 2007

3. Mexico: Mexitaco Restaurant

Mexitaco Restaurant
828 Bloor St West (east of Ossington, at Shaw)
416 537 6693

Mexitaco is a small corner cafe on a very ethnic strip of Bloor Street West. First impression: It looked more like a U.K.- type cafe in a downbeat neighbourhood. It was entirely lacking in "Mexican" ambiance, save for some Mariachi music piped from a TV digital audio channel and a colourful mosaic tile sink in a clean but cramped washroom tucked into the corner of the kitchen. The one server in the room greeted us as strangers in a room that seemed full of "locals" though she warmed up a bit as the meal progressed. Our mains were unimaginative in presentation and varied in quality: Chorizo Tacos - topped with spicy sausage made fresh on the premises topped with cilantro and onion; Enchilada pollo - four tortillas filled with chicken baked in a zesty sauce served with rice and salad; Chile Relleno - poblano pepper stuffed with cheese then battered and fried, served with rice, beans and tortillas.
Desserts were a highlight: Cajeta Burrito - mini burrito stuffed with cheese, deep fried then covered with cajeta (caramel); Flan - homemade sugar custard pie. Unfortunately they were not yummy enough to save a disappointing eating experience.


Ambiance (1)
Service (2)
Food Presentation (1)
Food Quality(2)
Value for Money (2)

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