Saturday, January 12, 2008

13. Tibet: Little Tibet

Little Tibet
712 Queen St West
(West of Bathurst at Manning)
416 306 1896

Little Tibet is a spacious, light and airy restuarant with woodwork and yellow paint and a colourful frieze. It's on trendy Queen Street West, which comes with a hint of menace.
Our starters included: Tenchung soup - red lentil and garlic $4.25; Teme-dhangtse - chickpea and cucumber salad $4.65; Temae - steamed green soybeans (it's like snacking on peanuts) $3.95; shogokatsa - a Llasa style spicy potato salad which was hot and filling $4.95. We shared the tse momo - steamed veggie filled dumplings with salad $9.50 [pictured here].
The tse nanzem - shrimp in a garlic ginger sauce, was tasty with plenty of seafood, $13.95. The vegeterians and vegans chose: tse-tofu - snowpeas, peppers and tofu, $9.25; potse veg - spinach, tofu in garlic and ginger ,$8.95; shogo-ngopa - sliced potatoes, spinach and cilantro ,$8.75, and were not disappointed.
We round out the meal with a tasty rice and dried fruit dessert, Mindha, $5.50. The Tibetan herb tea, which promised stress relief ($2.50) and ginger tea ($2.75) were very well received. Sawmill Creek, an Ontario red wine was $16.65 for a half-litre. Total for 5 people - $137.54 plus a gratuity of $20.63 came to $158.17.
The service was friendly and helpful and we were not under any pressure to leave after the meal on this busy Saturday night.

Rating: Ambiance (3)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (4)
Food Quality (4)
Value for Money (4)

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