Friday, October 26, 2007

2. Mauritius: Blue Bay Cafe Restaurant

Blue Bay Cafe Restaurant
2243 Dundas Street West
(south of Bloor, before Roncesvalles starts)
416 533 8838

Opened in 1985, The Blue Bay has special memories for Mauri as the place her husband of twenty years first took her for dinner when they were dating. We meet there on a rainy Friday evening.
Mauritius is an island country that lies east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and is part of the Mascarene Islands. About two-thirds of the population are of South Asian descent, and most of the rest are of mixed European, South Asian, and African ancestry. True fusion cooking, that highlights fish and seafood, has naturally evolved here.
For a starter, Mauri orders a Samosa. When my Okra Fricasee (pictured here with mango juice on the side) arrives the colour is so vibrant that I wonder if it's properly cooked. It is in fact done to perfection and quite delicious. Mauri's Fish Vindaye - sole in mustard sauce, with sliced onions and my Fish Rougaille - sole in Tomato Sauce are served with rice (shown here). One small portion of a cole slaw type salad arrives at the same time. We would have liked a few veggies on the side as well. Both entrees are clean tasting and well seasoned.The service which had been prompt, tapers off after our main course and there is a long gap between when we're finished eating and when we are offered coffee or tea. The restaurant is only a third full but there are several people who come in to pick up take-out orders. The wait for the bill is even longer, but we are enjoying our conversation and so are not really inconvenienced.
A number of interesting abstract serigraphs by Mark Kellett are currently on exhibit and the background jazz music added to the dining experience.


Ambiance (3)
Service (2)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (2)

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