Saturday, November 17, 2007

5. Malta: Malta Bake Shop

Malta Bake Shop
3256 Dundas Street West
(just east of Runnymede)
416 769-3254

The Malta Bake Shop is a cheery, clean cafe with scenes of Malta around the walls. We chose a Window seat so we could watch the film crew setting up across the street. On this Saturday afternoon it seems the cafe caters mainly to the folk of Malta Village. A TV showing an NFL game like a sports bar detracted from the atmosphere somewhat.
We selected a trizzi at $1.50 (pictured above), a rock cookie, and imquarett (date filled, deep fried pastries). The savoury pastizzi, cheese filled flaky pastries, were thought to be a bit bland. The apple strudel with cherries, however, was well received.
There is basically counter service, but the counter girl came around with the coffee pot with free refills.
A down-to-earth cafe worth stopping by for coffee and cake or take away service.
Iggy's comments: "My first impression upon entering the cafe was not only the Maltese artwork in the walls but the display under the TV and the cabinet just inside the door that contained Maltese souvenirs, some for sale. I noticed several people looking at the memorabilia that seemed to attract the attention of both patriots and patrons alike.
My second impression was the large display counter containing an array of goodies and the anticipation of selecting some of them to snack on."

Ambiance (2)
Service (2)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (3)


muscatp said...

the pastizzi may be bland but they are the best known maltese food around and everyone who has ever tried one has liked them...absoulutely nobody hates pastizzi! and its whats made malta famous

John said...

I love the pastizzi that they serve there. I've been eating them from there for many years and I have never been disappointed.

Margaret Attard Swanick