Sunday, September 26, 2010

65.Myanmar: Motherhome Cuisine

Motherhome Myanmar Cuisine
1194 Bloor Street West
416 551 2593

This family run, cafeteria style restaurant used to be in the food court of the CBC building on front street. You can order the daily special at the steam table, as we did, or from the menu. Staff were helpful at explaining the various dishes, but a little slow in busing the tables.
We try the snakehead fish, which is cooked with tomatoes and onions and served with veg and tofu and vegetable rice (pictured here), $6.99; and the beef stir fry with rice and veg, $6.99. The seasonings are distinctively different from other Asian cuisines we've tried.
Next time I'll sample the Tea Leaf Salad, $6.99 or one of the interesting looking appetizers.

Rating: Ambiance (2)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (2)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (3)


Free Money with Neobux said...

Great blog - too bad it's abandoned.

Annette said...

Not abandoned,just taking a break. Will resume restaurant visits and blog posts in September 2011. Thanks for your interest.