Saturday, April 24, 2010

64. Mongolia: Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill

Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill
900 Don Mills Road
(north of Eglinton Avenue)
416 449 8228

It is a cavernous restaurant with all the charm of a food court. Clean and orderly but not much character. The focal point is the Mongolian grill. Helpful, pre-programed servers guide you through the experience. In a deep bowl you select vegetables, meats, noodles and sauce. You wait in line for a cook to stir fry it on the huge grill seen here. It comes back to you in a clean bowl. For the same all inclusive price you can visit the buffet tables. There are arguably more Asian choices here than at the Mandarin. We ordered a pot of green tea which was inadvertently delivered to the wrong table when we were up at the grill. This must happen frequently. An interesting experience but not one we're willing to drive across town to repeat. Weekend dinner buffet $21.99 for adults.

Rating: Ambiance (2)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (2)
Food Quality (2)
Value for Money (2)

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