Saturday, March 8, 2008

21. China: Dragon Delight

Dragon Delight
825 St Clair Avenue West
(between Oakwood and Christie)
416 657 1448

We trudged through yet another snow storm to 813 St Clair Ave West to find the Exquisito Ecuadorian restaurant not only closed but replaced by a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Sugar. A lesson in not trusting everything you read on the web and a reminder to phone ahead.
Now famished, we duck into the Dragon Delight a few doors down where we were warmly greeted. With a pot of jasmine/green tea in front of us we started to thaw out as we perused the extensive menu.
We selected: Vegetable egg roll, $0.99; Vegetable spring roll $1.45; twin mushroom delight, $6.95; vegetables with cashews, $6.50; Hunan garlic shrimps, $8.95 and ShangHai thick noodles with medium spices, $6.95; vegetable fried rice, $4.50. Of our choices, the ShangHai thick noodles and Hunan garlic shrimps got top marks. Not all the dishes arrived at the same time. For $53 including tip, three of us were well fed and came away with a small "doggy bag".
Most of the diners were local regulars and they do a brisk business in take-outs. "Corner Gas" on tv did not make for a Chinese atmosphere. The decor was typical of Chinese-Canadian restaurants where more food is sent out than eaten in, although they do have a liquor license.
It wasn't what we set out to do, but we'll count the experience as part of the adventure.

Rating: Ambiance (1)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (3)

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