Saturday, December 8, 2007

8. Ethiopia: Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba
1051 Bloor St West
(just east of Dufferin)
416 536 4162

Note: This restaurant is NOT at 1198 Bloor St West, per the web.

We had a lengthy look at the menu while waiting for the remaining six in our party of eleven to arrive. We order vegetarian or beef samplers which arrive on large circular platters lined with injera, a pancake-like bread made of teff flour [$7.50 for one, $7 per head for two or more]. The injera has a slightly sour taste. There are several kinds of watt or stew to sample, including Yemeser Watt with lentil, and a lettuce based salad in the centre. Also a Beef Tibbs, spicy beef stew with injera, good value at $9 and very filling.
There is only one server trying to cope with too many tables and mistakes are made with the bills; soon rectified. This restaurant is for the more adventurous eater; don't be in a hurry.

Rating: Ambiance (2)
Service (1)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (2)
Value for Money (3)

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Webnesh said...

Adventurous but worth it! Helps if you go with someone that has had ethiopian food before, but not crucial - ask the server how to eat the injera; they`re always always happy to fill you in. This stuff is addictive. I started out with a trip years ago, and today I`m attempting to make watt at home, which is quite difficult but a fun challenge (you can buy injera premade in Kensington at the spice store) and wishing there were a take-out injera place near me. My waistline suggests it`s for the best though...

Point is, if you haven`t tried it - TRY IT. Indian and Thai are delicious but played out, this is the next level :)