Sunday, December 30, 2007

11. Poland: Krak Restaurant

Krak Restaurant
153 Roncesvalles Ave
(at Garden Ave)
416 536 6119

The name of the restaurant derives from Krak as in Krakow [Kraków]. There was a bearded figure in Tartar costume on the front of the menu, which harks back in legend to 1287 and the defeat of the Tartars at Krakow.
We started with clear beat soup with potato and fresh dill [above]. The chicken noodle soup scored a three out of four among the company. A full plate of Viener schnitzel à la Krak [Kotlet wiedeński], was $7.95. Potato pancakes [Placki ziemniaczane], a snip at $5.95. Pierogis with a variety of fillings, for example cheddar cheese and potato, were $7.50.

An acceptable house red wine came in at $5 per glass, a welcome change from recent restaurants. The interior was decked out for Christmas, with old guys drinking beer out of bottles and CBC on the TV. The restaurant has a genuine down home feel. Good size portions and remarkable value lunch at $62.10 for six! Don't miss this.

Rating: Ambiance (3)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (4)

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