Monday, August 17, 2015

70. Keralia Kitchen: Latvian/Scandinavian

Karelia Kitchen
1194 Bloor Street West
(just west of Dufferin)
647 748 1194

The noise level is fairly high as we enter as a large group is enjoying their meal. Glasses of water and brunch menus arrive promptly with very helpful explanations about various dishes and how to order. 
From the brunch menu our mains are: Beetroot Rosti Smørrebrød, $12.99; Smoked Salmon Tartar, a creative dish with quail egg, fresh made cheese and Finnish mustard, $14.00; and  Duck Scramble (pictured above) with house smoked salmon, $14.00.
After a look in the pastry counter, we can't resist  dessert and choose Carrot Cake, $6.00, Buttermilk Pie topped with peach slices, $7.00 and a Black Fig Galette, $4.50. A game of "musical forks" ensues as we each want to taste the others' delicious treats. 
Total for three very filling meals with drinks $76.21.
As we leave, we're already plotting what to try on our next visit. 

Rating: Ambiance (3)
Service (4)
Food Presentation (4)
Food Quality (4)
Value for Money (3)

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