Saturday, May 23, 2009

58. Afghanistan: Taste of Afghanistan

Taste of Afghanistan
Downsview Park Merchant's Market Food Court
40 Carl Hall Road
(Sheppard and Keele)
416 638 2525

To find the food court you've got to walk to the back of the Downsview Park Merchant's Market and past the nearly 500 vendors peddling their wares. There are no fast food chains here, only family operated booths serving ethnic eats from far flung places.
We're here to try A Taste of Afghanistan, after reading about it in a Toronto Star article some months ago. The proprietor is friendly but not pushy, giving us glasses of green tea as we place our orders. We choose Bolani - a thin crust flat-bread stuffed with sauteed leeks and onions and Quabili Paulau - large chunks of tender meat on basmati rice topped with carrot julienne and raisins served with a spicy mint dipping sauce [both dishes pictured here]. We order at the counter then take a seat at a nearby table. The food court is spacious and brightly lit but booming music and sticky tables are a turn off. The food is authentic and tasty and at $15 for two filling lunches a pretty good deal.
We browse a book stall but nothing else about the place makes us want to stay. The "farmer's market" is just food terminal produce sold no cheaper here than my local shops. There is no charge for parking or admission and the market open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6 pm.

Rating: Ambiance (1)
Service (2)
Food Presentation (2)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (3)

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