Saturday, November 22, 2008

50.Guyana: Bacchus Roti Shop

Bacchus Roti Shop
1376 Queen Street West
(Between Lansdowne and Dufferin)
416 532 8191

Bacchus has long been considered THE roti shop in Toronto. When my sister visits from Seattle, she always puts a Bacchus roti on her itinerary. I sheepishly admit that this was my first time and I must say that I came away impressed.
From the spotless interior to the fast, friendly service you get the feeling that this is a well run shop. When I got there, shortly after opening time, there were stacks of cases of bottled drinks near the counter. A man, I took to be the owner , said to a younger staff member, " I'd like these put away as soon as you get the chance." Between taking orders at the counter, delivering meals to customers and clearing off tables the cases of drinks were soon dealt with.
I order a Veggie Roti filled with squash and curried chickpeas (channa), $6.24, a side of crisp, peppery coleslaw, $1.59 and a can of mango nectar, $2.29. The roti is non-greasy, very tasty and generous but not overwhelming in size. Total for one, including tax, $11.44.The green leafy pattered wall paper, wicker chairs and gleaming wooden tables give the place a tropical feel. But unlike other roti shops, there's no blaring music, boisterous clientele, or clutter to cope with at Bacchus.
Rating: Ambiance (3)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (2)
Food Quality (4)
Value for Money (4)

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