Sunday, October 19, 2008

45. Japan: Fune Japanese Restaurant

Fune Japanese Restaurant
100 Simcoe St
(West of University, at Adelaide)
416 599 3868

This Japanese restaurant is located in a basement on a side street in downtown Toronto. It has a pleasant, welcoming authentic atmosphere - we were greeted by "Moshi Moshi." We arrived at about 17:00 on a Saturday when it was uncrowded, and we were seated beyond the novelty conveyor belt [pictured] where the food goes round in circles in wooden 'boats.'
We order drinks: plum wine, cranberry juice and green tea. We choose our entrees which come with miso soup and salad to start: chicken teriyaki dinner char-broiled tender chicken with teriyaki sauce, vegetables and steamed rice, $17.95; vegetable tempura dinner which is more than just your average variety of veggies and includes squash, oyster mushrooms, sweet potatoes and yams, with steamed rice $16.95; Deluxe Sushi Dinner -chef's choice of 8 kinds of Nigiri Sushi with California rolls [pictured here] ,$24.95. For desert we order ice cream - one scoop of ginger and one scoop of green tea servd together in a dish, $2.95.
Overall a good experience, although the food was somewhat bland. If you're in the Theatre District, it's worth a visit for the ambiance and unhurried service.
Total for four dinners including tip $120.00.

Rating: Ambiance (4)
Service (3)
Food Presentation (3)
Food Quality (3)
Value for Money (3)

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